Hymn and Psalm Suggestions


Hymn Suggestions

Liturgy Help provides comprehensive hymn suggestions for each Sunday and special feast of the Liturgical year. Hymns are carefully selected from our database of over 10,000 liturgical songs according to Lectionary and Missal texts, or the Liturgical Season or theme given for the particular day. Each suggestion is complete with information about the music’s melody and rhythm, the textual themes of the lyrics and a suggested usage for during mass. The hymn suggestions can also be filtered by hymnal. There is a hymn search function, and a complete hymnal listing, with all of the major Australian, Irish, English and American hymnals represented.


Psalm Settings

Liturgy Help provides psalm suggestions for all major feasts and Sundays. Psalm suggestions are chosen directly from the Lectionary text of the day, and Common Psalms for the season are also represented as alternatives. A variety of different types of settings are given from notable composers and collections throughout Australia and the United States. Psalms can also be filtered by collection, ensuring your parish can select an appropriate setting of the Responsorial Psalm to suit your parish or school’s needs.


Children's Music

Liturgy Help provides a dedicated children’s music service which parishes and particularly schools will find useful. Children’s music suggestions are taken from notable composers throughout Australia and the United States, who write with attention to the musical and liturgical needs of children. Children’s music is provided for all Sundays and major feasts of the Liturgical year and suggestions are relevant to the themes present in the Children’s Lectionary for Mass for each particular day. The children’s music is further categorized according to their suggested usage including a response to the word or welcoming the gospel during any Children’s Liturgy.