Lectionary and Missal Texts


Lectionary Texts

LiturgyHelp provides the fully formatted, New American Bible Lectionary for the United States or Jerusalem Bible Lectionary for Australia and the UK. The Lectionary texts are available for every day and include all alternative readings for memorials and optional memorials. The Lectionary, like most texts on the site, can be copied and pasted into most modern word processors. The text is also available in a print friendly format and can be downloaded as rich text format documents.


New Translation Roman Missal

LiturgyHelp provides the fully formatted, New Translation Roman Missal for Proper of Time, Proper of Saints, Order of the Mass, Commons, Ritual Masses, Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions, and the Masses for the Dead. Texts are fully integrated with the Liturgical calender and the lectionary texts. Users can generate full orders of service for any day of the year.