Children's Liturgy and Catechetical Resources


LiturgyHelp provides a wealth of creative material to support teachers and catechists in the ministry of teaching and sharing the faith. Preparing for young children’s ministry is made easier with the support of resources like Gospel based worksheets and activities, and discussion and reflection questions.

RCIA and young adult ministries will benefit from access to creative prayer resources, scripture commentaries, reflections and activities.

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Children's Liturgy of the Word


The Order of Service for Children’s Liturgy is available for each Sunday; it includes the Children’s Lectionary references, an introduction and reflection for the first reading and Gospel and a range of other resources. It gives Liturgy of the Word leaders a great starting point for their preparation. Because it is digital it is easily adapted to the particular circumstances of the local parish community.

Exploring the Word

Reflections by Greg Sunter

"Exploring the Word" is a series of reflections on the Gospel for each Sunday written by Greg Sunter. These easy to download and print PDF worksheets, also include: the Lectionary texts for the Sunday; activity ideas for teachers and catechists; and questions for students.

Two versions of these worksheets are available each week; one with questions for children and one for with questions more suited to teens and young adults.

Crosswords and Wordsearch Puzzles