The Book of Blessings


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The following sample is the Orders of Blessing of the Sick; Order for the Blessing of Children.


Book of Blessings



399  For the blessing of sick children, the texts already given are to be adapted to the children's level, but special intercessions are provided here and a special prayer of blessing.


400  To the following intentions others may be added that apply to the condition of the sick children and to the particular circumstances.

The minister says:

The Lord Jesus loved and cherished the little ones with a special love. Let us, then, pray to him for these sick children, saying:

(R.) Lord, keep them in all their ways.


(R.) Lord, hear our prayer.

Assisting minister:

Lord Jesus, you called the little children to come to you and said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these; listen with mercy to our prayers for these children. (For this we pray:(R.)

Assisting minister:

You revealed the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, not to the wise of this world, but to little children; give these children the proof of your love. (For this we pray:(R.)

Assisting minister:

You praised the children who cried out their Hosannas on the eve of your passion; strengthen these children and their parents with your holy comfort. (For this we pray:(R.)

Assisting minister:

You charged your disciples to take care of the sick; stand at the side of all those who so gladly devote themselves to restoring the health of these children. (For this we pray:(R.)


401  A minister who is a priest or deacon may, as circumstances suggest, lay his hands on the head of each sick child, and then say the prayer of blessing.

Lord, our God,

your Son Jesus Christ welcomed little children and blessed them.

Stretch out your right hand over these little children, N. and N., who are sick.

Grant that, made well again,

they may return to their parents

and to the community of your holy Church

and give you thanks and praise.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

(R.) Amen.

402  A lay minister, and particularly a mother or father when blessing a sick child, traces the sign of the cross on each child's forehead and then says the following prayer of blessing.

Father of mercy and God of all consolation,

you show tender care for all your creatures

and give health of soul and body.

Raise up these children (or this child or the son/ daughter you have given us) from their (his/her) sickness.

Then, growing in wisdom and grace in your sight and ours,

they (he/she) will serve you all the days of their (his/her) life

in uprightness and holiness

and offer the thanksgiving due to your mercy.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.