What is LiturgyHelp?

LiturgyHelp is a unique internet subscription service, fully authorised by the Catholic Church to publish official liturgical texts online.

We provide easy access for parishes, schools and other Catholic communities to the wealth of the Church’s liturgical texts; making it faster and easier to prepare materials for liturgy and prayer.

LiturgyHelp provides very cost effective resources to individual ministers and a complete suite of web services to parish communities and ministry teams.

Because it’s web based, LiturgyHelp can be accessed from the parish centre, home, school or work ‒ 24 hours a day ‒ 7 days a week.

LiturgyHelp gives you easy access to:    

Benefits of a LiturgyHelp subscription include:

  • Easy to use website
  • A one-stop-shop, cost effective, time saving resource
  • New content continually being added
  • Use anywhere there is an internet connection
  • No disks and no software upgrades required

* Not available in the United States